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Book Read Challenge! Classes are racing to see who gets awarded for reading the most books.

Attendance/ Asistencia

"Good attendance is of prime importance for the educational development of each student. When a student is absent from school upon their return they MUST bring a note from their parent or guardian stating when and why they were absent. This note must be turned in to the Attendance office within 5 days of the student's return to school. Not turning in notes can result in an attendance warning letter being sent from the Harris County District Attorney's Office and possibly being fined and summoned to appear in court. A telephone call to the attendance office can be made, but it does not replace the note that MUST be turned in. This regulation will be strictly enforced." 

"Asistir regularmente a la escuela es de vital importancia para el desarrollo educativo de cada estudiante. Cuando un estudiante falta a la escuela a su regreso se debe traer una nota de sus padres o tutor indicando cuándo y por qué estaban ausentes. Esta nota debe ser entregada a la oficina de asistencia dentro de los 5 días de que el estudiante regrese a la escuela. La falta de comprobar la ausencia mediante una nota puede resultar en una carta de advertencia desde la Oficina del Fiscal del Condado de Harris y, posiblemente, ser multado y citado a comparecer ante un tribunal. Una llamada telefónica a la oficina de asistencia se puede hacer, pero no sustituye a una nota del padre o tutor. Este reglamento se aplicará estrictamente."

Classroom Social Skills

We earned a distinction in Index 2 Student Progress! Hemos ganado una distinción!

Epps Island students are Tassel Bound………..Future Ready!

Los estudiantes de Epps Island están Listos para el Futuro!

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Upcoming Events
Attendance is Crucial. Please ensure your child is well rested, eats a hardy breakfast, and is present during STAAR Testing.

Keep up with the 800 Book Read TIGER Challenge! Read Daily 

April 8-14

School Holiday Friday 14 April

April 15-21

Limo Ride April 19, 10:45-1:00 for Big Kahuna Highest Sellers, Key Communicator Meeting April 19th @ 1:00

Free Dress Week April 17-21 with Wrist Bands for $3

April 22-28

Kindergarten Round up April 25, 8:00-12:00 & 1:00-3:00,

Progress Reports April 27th,

Name That Book Campus Competition @ 9:00


April 29-May 5

Teacher Appreciation Week, Muffins with Mom, April 5th at  7:15-8:00

May 6-12

May 8th 3rd & 4th Gr. STAAR Math & 5th  Gr. ReTest,

May 9th 3rd & 4th Gr. Reading STAAR & 5th ReTest,

May 10th 5th Gr Science CLOSED CAMPUS May 8-10th

May 13-19

Book Fair May 15-19th BOGO, Key Communicator Meeting May 17 @1:00,

Free Dress Week May 15th – 19th  with Wrist Bands for $3

May 18th 5th Gr Science Museum Field Trip

May 20-26

5th Gr Appreciation Week! May 23rd Fine Arts & Talent Show Night @ 6:00pm, May 25th 5th Gr College Field Trip

May 26th 5th Gr Ceremony 8:30-10:00 & End of the Year Celebration

May 27-June 2

School Holiday May 29th, May 30th Summer Reading Kick Off @ 2:30, Last Day of School June 1st

¡No olvides el Reto de Lectura de 800 libros del Tigre! Lee diariamente

Abril 8 - 14

Día de la Comunidad y la salud en Epps – sábado 8 de abril de 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

LA escuela estará cerrada el viernes 14 de abril – día festivo para estudiantes y maestros

Abril 15 - 21

El 19 de abril los estudiantes que vendieron más productos durante Big Kahuna tendrán el paseo en limosina 10:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Reunión de Comunicadores Claves, miércoles 19 de abril

Semana libre de uniforme con la compra del brazalete por $3. oo


Abril 22 - 28

Registro para Kindergarten – 8:00 a.m – 12:00 p.m. / 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Reporte de Notas- 27 de abril – Competencia de “Nombra el Libro “ 9:00 a.m

Abril 29 – Mayo 5

Semana de Apreciación para maestros y personal de la escuela

Muffins con mama – viernes 5 de mayo de 7:15 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.

Mayo 6 - 12

8 de mayo exámenes de STAAR para 3 y 4 grado – matemáticas y quinto grado – retoma el examen para los estudiantes que no pasaron

9 de mayo exámenes de STAAR 3 y 4 grado lectura

quinto grado – retoma el examen para los estudiantes que no pasaron

10 de mayo – quinto grado presentara el examen de STAAR de ciencias

La escuela estará cerrada para padres y estudiantes los días 8, 9 y 10 de mayo


Mayo 13 - 19

Feria del Libro – BOGO Compre uno lleva uno gratis mayo 15 – 19

Reunión de comunicadores claves miércoles 17 de mayo a la 1:00 p.m.

Semana libre de uniforme con la compra del brazalete por $3. oo

18 de mayo quinto grado ira al museo de ciencias

Mayo 20 - 26

Semana de la Apreciación de 5to grado

23 de mayo noche de las artes – noche de talentos 6:00 p.m.

viernes 26 de mayo ceremonia de apreciación de 5to grado – 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Celebración de fin de año para todos los estudiantes -

Mayo – Junio 2


Día festivo para estudiantes y maestros – la escuela estará cerrada – lunes 29 de mayo 
30 de mayo – lanzamiento del programa de lectura del verano

Jueves 1 de junio último día de escuela


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Epps Island Elementary's Fundamental Purpose
Epps Island's fundamental purpose is to collaboratively work as a Professional Learning Community to:
- Provide a safe, nurturing learning environment with the support of parents and families
- Close the achievement gap by ensuring ALL students learn at high levels
- Model positive S.C.H.O.L.A.R character traits
- Empower students to be self-motivated lifelong learners

El Propósito fundamental

de la escuela elemental Epps Island es trabajar juntos en una comunidad profesional para:
- asegurar que todos nuestros estudiantes aprender en un nivel avanzado
- reduzcan los niveles de bajo rendimiento académico
- aprendan en un ambiente seguro y educativo
- demuestren rasgos distintivos de una manera positiva


Epps Island Elementary's Campus Vision

We are a “Premier Campus” that serves a
unique population that is thinking,
achieving, and applying skills learned at
high levels today and continuously striving
for GREATNESS in every area tomorrow for
ALL students.

Instructional Goals

Epps Island’s Campus Math Goal
Through Guided Math we will utilize real world connections to develop fluency/comprehension in math vocabulary, problem solving and numeracy.

Epps Island’s Campus Reading Goal
We will provide opportunities for students to read a variety of text while building phonics, stamina, fluency, and comprehension leading ALL students to read on level.

Epps Island’s Campus Writing Goal
We will model and provide writing opportunities that allow students to apply/practice Grammar skills in and outside of the classroom across all content areas.

Epps Island’s Campus Science Goal
We will vertically align science concepts to incorporate hands on activities that use discovery and active engagement through guided conversations that embed academic vocabulary.

-7:30am- Students may enter the building .
-8:15 – Tardy
-3:20 – Dismissal/ Car Riders & Campus Kids
-3:22 – Back Door Walkers
-3:24 – Bus Riders
-3:26 – Minivan & Day Care
-3:28 – Gym Walkers
Homeless Services / Servicios para las Personas o Familias sin Hogar Permanente:
See English brochure
See Spanish brochure

Klein ISD Community Resource and Referral Guide